Available Adults

Adult RagaMuffins are loving and playful just as their younger siblings, but are a little more sedate and snuggly at this time in their lives. They also have already been spayed or neutered. They make wonderful pets and companions for someone wanting to skip the baby antics and energy!
There are available adults at Mystic Muffins needing a forever home. If you are interested in adopting an adult cat, please contact me at 405-888-0305 for details.


Ragamuffin adult Steve

This is Steve, my three year old retired stud and foundation male for many of my kitties. He is a natural mink and white in the tuxedo pattern. His eyes are a beautiful aqua and he comes from the LuvNMuffin cattery. He is such a sweet doll baby and loves to be loved on. Because he's been separated from the other kitties here, he is a little shy right now but with patience, he will relax and be a lap kitty when he feels secure. In my experience, an adult cat should go to a home that doesn't have other pets as it takes a great deal of patience on the part of the humans to work with integrating an adult pet into a home with other animals. It can be done if a person can wait and go through the process but it takes time. Someone interested in adopting Steve will have a wonderful boy to love and be loved by. He's playful, loves feather teasers, and always wants me to hold him and comb him.


Ragamuffin adult Bijoux

This is Bijoux of Snuggle Purrs cattery, my foundation queen, three years old. She is a blue mink and white with huge, gorgeous odd eyes, one blue and one green. Together with Steve, they produced my current stud, Charlie who also has odd eyes and perfect features so he took over the duties for dad. Bijoux is very laid back and unassuming. She will play and loves to be petted but is also quiet in nature and will perch close by to be in my presence. She and daughter Peri are very companionable but Peri is more outgoing while Bijoux hangs back. Together, you have everything you could want in pet RagaMuffins. I'd love to see the girls go together, but they will be fine going to separate homes too. Bijoux is one of the prettiest girls at Mystic Muffins and has produced such beautiful babies. She is so lovely to look at!

Contact: Chris Alltizer
Phone: 405-888-0305