The Agreement

An adoption agreement will be sent to you via email upon receipt of your deposit. If you have any questions, feel free to call me for clarification. You can sign and return it via regular mail or wait to sign it at the time you pick up your kitten. Release of the kitten will not take place until the contract is signed and received and the final balance is paid and cleared.

There is a two-year warranty regarding the health of the kitten as related to any congenital defect or disease. This does not include illness, neglect, or any other condition unrelated to its birth. Should any congenital health issues be found by your vet, a replacement kitten will be offered after proof of the condition has been met. There is no refund of the purchase price. You need to have a well-baby visit with your vet within the first 4 days after receiving your kitten. If this is overlooked, the agreement will become null and void.

The kittens are healthy, free of known disease and parasites when they leave Mystic Muffins. They receive a vet check and their first shots before going to their forever homes.
Contact: Chris Alltizer
Phone: 405-888-0305