Care Tips

The RagaMuffin is a rare and wonderful breed of cat that you can treasure for a long life. It has been bred first for health, then disposition and beauty. To keep your new Muffin in the peak of health, these qualities must be maintain from the inside out.

All cats at Mystic Muffins are fed a high quality cat food with protein as its first ingredient. It comes in both dry kibble and wet food. kitten and adult formulas for a balanced diet. I will offer more information on this diet at the time of pick-up.

While good nutrition keeps the Muffin's coat shiny and strong, the soft rabbit fur texture requires just a little care. It is mat-resistant, but still needs combing at least once a week to remove dead hair and help to prevent hairballs. It's also a nice bonding time since Muffins usually loved to have their coats combed and will spend wonderful moments of purring in your lap while you groom them.

If you plan to show your RagaMuffin, a show bath is required. I'll be happy to share with you my technique for a show bath to give your Muffin a great advantage in the show rings!
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