New kittens July 2016!!
To ensure you get the kitten you want, you need to reserve it with a non-refundable deposit of $300 once you make your decision. If you are waiting on a specific color or pattern, kitten selection is determined by the order that deposits are received. That is, the first deposit received allows that person to have first choice, 2nd deposit receives second choice, etc. The final balance on the kitten is due 2 weeks before the kitten goes home.

Kittens are ready to go home at the age of 14 weeks if being picked up at the cattery or 16 weeks if flying. There are additional fees charged for a kitten flying long distance including but not limited to flight expenses and health certificate from the vet. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.

For pictures of current litters, please visit my Facebook pages, Chris Robino Alltizer or Mystic Muffins. I also send pics upon request via email and phone message.


Current Kittens

Without question, every RagaMuffin kitten is adorable and wonderful, but usually in every litter there is a primo kitty.  It may have an abundant quantity of cuteness or smartness, personality plus or an extra super duper double dose of cuddliness.  Once in a rare while every kitten in the litter is totally unique with every kitten having extra doses of wow!  Now in a great blue moon, I have two litters of kittens, two weeks apart,  all endowed with ultra pizazz!  I'm so blessed and everyone adopting any one (or two!) of these kitties will be so incredibly lucky.  Here they are!

Maggie's kittens, the IE litter.

Birthdate: July 8, 2016. Nine (9) weeks old in these pictures.

Ragamuffin kitten Millie Ragamuffin kitten Millie2
Millie is a blue mink tortie and white. This precious little girl was the first to do everything from opening her eyes to mastering the litter box! Every day she figures out something and being the leader of the pack, her sibs follow and learn from her. She's a pouncer, higher than the rest, lively and eager but equally loving and cuddly. Millie is also incredibly beautiful with her sweet open face and perfect scoop. Her eyes are just now turning into a lovely aqua. She is likely to be medium in size as an adult with silky medium-long hair. I was so tempted to hold onto Millie as a future breeder!
Ragamuffin kitten Artie Ragamuffin kitten Artie2
Artieis a cream mink van-patterned kitty. He has color on his ears and head with three spots of color on his torso and a cream tail with barring. He has odd eyes like his daddy! One is blue and one is aqua, something I hope for in every litter. Artie is the largest in the litter and the love bug of the group. From the moment he opened his eyes, he was reaching for me and at the tender age of three weeks, giving my fingertips kitty kisses. Now when I let them loose to play, he always stops to pounce on my toes and give a gentle nibble before he chases after the others. Artie is wonderful!
Ragamuffin kitten Freddie Ragamuffin kitten Freddie2
Freddieis also a cream mink van with blue eyes, something seen in minks if they are high white. He's the smallest in size but has a huge personality. He often walks up to me and looks me straight in the eyes. I wonder what his thoughts are because he's definitely having them. He'll tackle any kitten that walks by and wrestles and rolls until they escape his clutches! Then, he'll come over to me, stare and sit down. He lets me love on him but is always eager to play with a sib. He and Artie are best pals that snuggle up to each other as well as chew on each other's necks.
Ragamuffin kitten Daphnie Ragamuffin kitten Daphnie2
Daphnie is a gorgeous blue mink tortie and white that is currently reserved by me as a possible future queen. She has a perfect nose scoop and lovely face and she is so sweet!


Ava's kittens, the My Favorite 70s Singers litter.

Birthdate: July 23, 2016. Seven (7) weeks old in these pictures.

Ragamuffin kitten Joni Ragamuffin kitten Joni2
My tribute to Joni Mitchell is this little blue mink van. Joni is a spitfire! She has so much curiosity and no fear of trying something new. Joni is equally loving and totally relaxes when I hold her on her back. She may not stay long but she melts when I hold her! She has such a sweet face and her color includes blue on her head and tail and one spot of color. Gorgeous baby girl!
Ragamuffin kitten James Ragamuffin kitten James2
Sweet Baby James! The name couldn't be more appropriate. This little blue sepia and white boy is the sweetest kitten ever!! He wants attention and comes to me expecting I pick him up and hold him. He is floppy and likes being cuddled like a baby. He is going to have green eyes to charm everyone. James loves his sister Joni. They often snuggle together while sleeping. They would be great companion kitties!
Ragamuffin kitten Carly Ragamuffin kitten Carly2
Beautiful, beautiful Carly! I'm keeping her because of the fabulous eye color developing in her eyes. She's also a fabulous natural mink tortie with such a wonderful personality. Floppy, cuddly, melts in my arms. She will be a queen one day. I want to keep those aqua eyes in our family!!

Past Kittens

These kittens are all grown up and with their forever families. The pictures are typical of kittens born at Mystic Muffins.

Ragamuffin kitten Jasper2
Red mink and white.
Ragamuffin kitten Jules1
Sepia tortie van.
Ragamuffin kitten Boy
Cream mink and white.
Ragamuffin kitten Petal3
Blue mink and white.
Ragamuffin kitten Rose2
Blue mink and white.
Ragamuffin kitten Boy
Blue point and white.
Ragamuffin kitten 2
Blue point tortie and white.
Ragamuffin kitten Jay1
Blue sepia and white.
Ragamuffin kitten3
Seal point and white.
Ragamuffin kitten4
Cream point and white.
Ragamuffin kitten2
Natural mink and white.
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